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Do you need to get your transmission or clutch repaired? If so, come visit us at Chuck’s Truck Repair Centre. We offer the best transmission services in all of Windsor, Ontario. For all your heavy-duty transmission needs, we’ve got your back.

Your heavy-duty transmission is one of the most important parts of your heavy-duty truck. It’s essentially a series of large gears that are designed to maximize your engine’s power. Although transmissions are self-contained and are generally very reliable, they do need maintenance on a regular basis. Maintenance items include fluid changes every 30 to 60 thousand miles, regular inspection of your transmission cooler and cooler lines, and drain plug gasket changes. At Chuck’s Truck Service Centre, we’re more than capable of performing transmission maintenance and transmission repair if necessary.

Heavy Truck Transmission & Clutches Repair A Maintenance

Common Transmission Issues

Trouble Shifting

If you are having trouble shifting gears, chances are you have old transmission fluid that needs to be changed. Over time, transmission fluid becomes less effective at lubricating moving parts, meaning gear changes become more difficult to make. Also, old transmission fluid may have gunk that builds up in certain areas of your transmission, which can lead to overheating issues in certain cases. If you’re having this issue, we here at Chuck’s Truck Service Centrewill flush the old fluid out of your transmission and replace it with new fluid. 

Overheating Issues

If your transmission is overheating, you may need to get your fluid swapped. When transmission fluid breaks down, not only does it lose its ability to lubricate metal, but it loses its ability to absorb radiant heat as well. This means less heat will be dispersed through your transmission cooler. If you’re confident your transmission fluid is in good shape, we highly recommend bringing your heavy-duty truck in and getting your transmission cooler inspected. 

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