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Heavy-duty axles are the last step in your truck’s complex drivetrain. They’re responsible for transferring power to your wheels and are incredibly tough components. At Chuck’s Truck Service Centre, we provide maintenance and repair services for heavy-duty axles of all kinds. These axles are not as tough as most think. Yes, they enable you to haul nearly a hundred thousand pounds, but if their lubricant fails or is contaminated, the amount of friction that will build up within its housing will cause catastrophic damage. At Chuck’s Truck Service Centre, we believe in providing high-quality services to all of our customers. You can rest easy knowing your truck is in great hands. With efficient services, a transparent process, and a full roster of highly-qualified mechanics, Chuck’s Truck Service Centre is the shop to visit.

Heavy Truck Axle Repair Services In Windsor, ON.

Causes of Axle Failure

Lubrication Failure

If your axles aren’t properly lubricated, friction and heat will build up to the point where severe damage becomes inevitable. Lubrication failure can happen when fluid is not changed at adequate service intervals. Old fluid is unable to lubricate moving parts or absorb radiant heat. Most manufacturers recommend you change your gear oil once every 100 thousand miles. This may change depending on your model of truck and the rate at which you haul. Other ways in which lubrication may fail are if your axle seals leak or your differential plate gasket fails. 

Collision Damage

If you’ve been in an accident, you’re likely going to need new heavy-duty axles. If your axle housing is affected in any way, your axles are likely going to be bent or warped. This means they’re not going to function properly and won’t receive adequate lubrication. This puts them at risk of snapping when being used. If you’ve been in an accident and need axle work performed, give us a call. At Chuck’s Truck Service Centre, we’re more than capable of removing and replacing damaged axles.

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