Preventive Maintenance Services in Windsor, Ontario

Heavy-duty trucks won’t last long without adequate preventive maintenance! Preventive maintenance includes regular oil and fluid changes, inspections, and repairs as necessary. At Chuck’s Truck Service Centre, we provide preventive maintenance for heavy-duty trucks in and around Windsor, Ontario.

If you want your heavy-duty truck to last as long as possible, it’s paramount that you take a proactive approach to maintenance. A proactive approach allows you to identify potential future problems, prevent them from happening, and save yourself a ton of money. Preventive maintenance is generally an umbrella term that encompasses oil and fluid changes, regular inspection, tire rotations, and anything else that prevents problems from happening. At Chuck’s Truck Service Centre, we provide preventive maintenance services for heavy-duty trucks of all kinds.

Heavy-Duty Truck Preventive Maintenance in Windsor, Ontario

Components That Require Lubricant

Transmission and Differentials

Both your transmission and differentials need fluid to lubricate the gears within them. Your transmission is one of the most important components in your heavy-duty vehicle and is arguably one of the most expensive to repair. Hence the need to keep its internal lubricant at peak functionality. Differentials also need their lubricants changed on a regular basis. Most manufacturers recommend transmission, and differential fluid is changed every 60 thousand miles. 

Diesel Engines

Your diesel engine has a lot of inner components that need to be lubricated at all times. Without proper lubrication, your valves may bend, your camshaft lobes may flatten, and your head gasket may blow. Most manufacturers recommend you change your engine oil once every 3 to 6 thousand miles. This will ensure your moving parts are adequately lubricated at all times. Do keep in mind that when changing your engine oil, you must also change your oil filter and fuel filters as well. 

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