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Your heavy-duty truck’s body is responsible for shielding its passengers and inner components from the weather, reducing aerodynamic drag, and providing an aesthetically pleasing look. Over time, your truck’s bodywork can take a beating. It may rust if you spend a lot of time driving through the Canadian rust belt, come in contact with road debris, or even have its weather-proofing fail. Fortunately, we here at Chuck’s Truck Service Centre provide the best bodywork services in all of Windsor, Ontario. Whether you need rust holes patched or weatherproofing reinstalled, you can rely on us to get the job done right.

Heavy Duty Body Repair in Windsor, ON.

Common Body Work Services

Weather Proofing

Heavy-duty trucks need their cabs to be weatherproofed in order to protect their inner components and passengers. This weatherproofing is commonly found around windows, doors, engine bay, and other access areas. Since most weatherproofing is made of rubber and is applied using an adhesive of some sort, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this stripping can come undone. Fortunately, we here at Chuck’s Truck Service Centre are weatherproofing experts. For all your weatherproofing needs, give us a call. 

Rust Work

Is your heavy-duty truck starting to rust? Not a problem! At Chuck’s Truck Service Centre, we repair rusted body panels and frames and bring them back to their original condition. There’s nothing worse than a heavy-duty truck that’s had its lifespan reduced by rust. With a full roster of technicians and bodywork experts, your truck is in good hands at Chuck’s Truck Service Centre. 

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