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Chuck’s Truck Service Centre provides the best exhaust repair and maintenance services in all of Windsor, Ontario. Call today to schedule an appointment to bring your heavy-duty truck in for service. We’ve got all your exhaust needs covered.

If you’ve been searching for a heavy-duty repair shop located in Windsor, Ontario, that works on exhaust systems, you’re in luck. At Chuck’s Truck Service Centre, we’re exhausted system experts. Whether you need to patch an exhaust leak or repair one of the after-treatment components mounted to your exhaust piping, we’ve got you covered. Because your exhaust hangs so low, it shouldn’t be surprising that your exhaust is vulnerable to rust and contact with road debris. Fortunately, at Chuck’s Truck Service Centre, we’re more than capable of patching exhaust leaks and repairing emissions control components.

Heavy Truck Exhaust Repair & Maintenance in Windsor, Ontario

How Does My DPF Work?

The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) in your heavy-duty truck is designed to absorb diesel particulate matter and soot. Your DPF is mounted directly to your exhaust piping, meaning all of your exhaust must travel through it before exiting the system. As your DPF simply stores soot rather than removes it, it needs to be cleaned out every few years. Some DPFs have auto-cleaning features, but most need to be manually cleaned by a mechanic. 

The Danger of Exhaust Leaks

Many assume exhaust leaks are nothing more than a simple annoyance. However, we’re here to tell you that’s not the case. Exhaust leaks are actually quite dangerous as they increase the chances of emissions entering your passenger compartment. Diesel engine emissions are carcinogenic and can cause a wide array of health issues for drivers and passengers. 

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